Our Story

How We Came Together

The career landscape looks exceedingly different today than it did just a few short years ago. On the employee side, professionals seemingly change jobs— if not careers— every few years placing increased pressure on organizations to attract, develop and retain top performers.

On the employer side, there are a host of new recruitment and retention challenges— from how to emerge as an employer of choice to how to successfully hire for both hard and soft skill sets to how to develop great contributors into exceptional leaders.

In fact, the only constant in the career landscape is CHANGE.


The Hire was started with one goal in mind: to empower professionals and organizations to successfully navigate this cycle of change by creating winning partnerships between top performers and progressive employers.

In 2017, we set out to revolutionize the recruiting landscape by placing people at the center of the engagement.

We are committed to continuously seeking opportunities to develop and advance the careers of our candidates while finding the best solutions for our clients so that together they can reach meaningful growth milestones.

How do we do it?​

HINT: We have a secret sauce!

The Hire has developed a unique and tested methodology, which includes a combination of coaching, training and technology. This offers short and long-term Consulting Talent Optimization Packages that go beyond the full-cycle recruiting experience to allow you to strengthen and accelerate core Human Resources areas. We also have an advisory board which consists of thought leaders in their industries in the areas of Marketing, HR, Finance, Legal and Business Strategy.

Geoff Aptt

George Aptt,


Rick Maybury,


Dan Quinn,

Predictive Analytics



Josh Varone,

What's with the GOAT?

At The Hire, we strive to provide the Greatest Of All Talent to our clients. We understand that the career landscape is filled with countless mountains and hurdles over time—there is no end destination. Our GOATs are developed, supported and coached to scale any mountain.

Our CORE VALUES make us your
most valued PARTNER.


The pioneers transforming the recruiting landscape.


Placing people at the center of every decision.


Passion for delivering a wow experience


Committed to forging unbreakable partnerships.


Operating with integrity and transparency in all that we do.


Proven expertise in developing people and companies from good to great.

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