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Whether you are in transition or looking to advance your career, we know that new job search can be daunting.

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Raymond D.

Talent Acquisition Lead, Moo

They can pivot and be flexible to your needs. They can really work with you and feel like more of a partner…they have the flexibility and freedom to control what they can and cannot do, and they take the time to figure out what you exactly need, which is a nice change of pace.


Johanna C.

Major Gifts Officer, Children’s Friend

They are a staffing agency that goes above and beyond. They make thoughtful placements. It’s not just about getting a body in the chair and moving onto the next job requisition; it’s about finding a fit that works for the agency and is someone for the long or short term. They have truly become a part of Children’s Friend very quickly.

mark schiller

Mark Schiller

Placed Candidate

In a world of headhunters, recruiters, employment agencies, and the like, The Hire is a truly refreshing experience for anyone going through the trials and tribulations of finding their next opportunity.  I have never worked with a group more committed to truly understanding you as a candidate and then making sure that the opportunity they present you for is in alignment with whom you are, what you are interested in, and where you can be successful.  Everyone I worked with was responsive and genuinely cared. It created a sense of calm during a time when, from a candidate point of view, it can seem chaotic. I highly recommend The Hire for companies looking to find great candidates that will be a great fit.  In addition, I recommend the The Hire to candidates interested in working with people that are vested in finding the right role at the right company for you.


Daniel T. Quinn

Chief Financial Officer

In my capacity as a CFO, I have found The Hire to be a key partner in my success.  The Hire was always able to find me a quality candidate on short notice to fill in for vacations, maternity leave, or FMLA.  Also, when other departments needed to supplement their staffing needs I was always able to accommodate them due to the relationship that I had built with The Hire, and the confidence I had in them finding me a capable candidate. The candidate’s that The Hire provided me where of such high quality that I converted several to full time employee’s.

Todd Costa - Testimonial

Todd Costa

Chief Financial Officer

I first met Erin and Tyler when I was CFO and part of ownership at a growing company. Erin and Tyler were recruiters at a large local firm and together helped staff company. They took the time to learn our culture, and the candidates we hired through them were qualified, excellent fits... I was very excited when they decided to start their own firm because they great at their jobs, and excellent people.

Yocasta Cal

Placed Candidate

The Hire is a very professional group of people.

They are always ready to help whenever possible. I appreciate this Agency.

For once, I feel like I actually matter to them.

seth brady

Seth Brady

A dedicated fan!

While I didn't have a chance to work officially with Tyler or Erin on an engagement, I did spend some time on the phone with Erin getting some very direct feedback on my resume.  She didn't pull any punches, which was very much appreciated. Most recruiters will say things like "your skills are great, blah blah blah," but you're left wondering what it is about this positioning document that's helping (or more importantly hurting!) you.  I've found only a few very small exceptions that will give you really strong, candid feedback. Erin in one of those people.

Maria Travassos

Satisfied Client


Erin and Tyler have a strong devotion towards helping their clients.


Erin is the first one to say, “your success is our success”.


She demonstrates a high Integrity and trust with her clients and is always willing to help by providing input and helpful resources.

Brian Grajales

Placed Candidate


There is an air of modern freshness to the way they handle things, and that speaks volumes about them.


You are cared for from the moment you meet The Hire; they believe in you and make you feel as a valuable part of the team.


I am happy to have found this agency. You will be too!


Michael Saeg

Candidate & Customer

The Hire is unlike any other staffing agency I have ever worked with. Tyler, Erin, and the entire team truly care about everyone they interact with, whether placed or not. In addition, the career coaching and advice I received was spot on and very helpful.  I would highly recommend working with the Hire as a business looking for talent or as a candidate simply looking for a new opportunity and a fresh perspective.


David Williamson



This is a company that truly cares about the correct placement of candidates.  I started out inquiring with The Hire for a position they had listed. After speaking to Erin, she let me know I didn't fit the criteria for them (and she was right).  One week later she reached out to me with another opportunity which turned out to be exactly what I needed (and what they needed!). Since then, we have been in contact multiple times with back-and-forth status updates.  The Hire is highly recommended by me.

Debra Quinn

Satisfied Candidate


The Hire team was professional and diligent in working to identify talent acquisition opportunities for me.

I have recommended them to friends and colleagues.

sarah keane satisfied candidate testimonial

Sarah Keane

Satisfied Candidate


Bryan at The Hire helped me start my career and now I'm working within my degree right out of college and I couldn't be happier.


Thank you Bryan!

Your unique Goals.Our unique Approach.

What is your Career Strategy?

At The Hire, we believe that it’s not just about the job you need now, but the life you want for your future. That's why we are your dream team when it comes to creating your career. We help you plan your strategy, prepare for the interview process, and arm you with training, workshops, and insights to strengthen your leadership presence.

Your success is
the center
of everything we do.

Why choose The Hire?

Good recruiters are hustlers, doing all they can to pair great talent with great companies. But often the hustle can outweigh the care invested  to make a strong pairing (for now and the future). But not with us - because we are committed to your long-term success. We show you right from the start by providing access to the following complimentary services: 


Our strategy for our most important asset - You!

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Your tailored career strategy!


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