Candidate Spotlight David W.

Candidate Spotlight – David W.

At The Hire, we know how important it is to match the right talent with the right company, and how fulfilling the right position can be for a great candidate. Because of this, we want to share some of our candidate's great experiences with you. To kick it off, we spoke with a Project Manager who was placed with one of our clients in Rhode Island.

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1. When you started working with The Hire, what were you looking for in a new opportunity? (career, company, what was important)

Dave: I have more than 20 years of management experience in the software industry. I've managed all kinds of teams from client support, to project management, and of course development teams. I was responsible for the full day-to-day technology operations of the company and facility. What I was looking for when I came to The Hire was a company that could utilize my diverse talents to help their organization grow and change.

2. What type of position did you find and what are you doing now?

Dave: I'm an Operational Project Manager working in the manufacturing industry. It's not as far from the software industry as one may think. I work with a team that supports the organizational structure and strategy seamlessly - and they appreciate how I help them stay accountable to their commitments.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your position?

Dave: I know it sounds corny but, knowing that I'm making a difference for the company and my team members, and helping drive the changes that bring us into the future.

4. Looking back over your career path, and taking your own experiences into consideration, what advice would you give to someone looking for a career in Project Management?

Dave: Building relationships with everyone helps drive success. Don't get stuck in the downward spiral of communicating electronically. Talk to people. Work with them. Learn what makes them successful. Be observant. Question everything. If you don't understand the project you are responsible for, you will never get buy-in from the people doing the work. As a PM you are responsible to ensure deadlines are met, that means holding individuals responsible for their pieces and assessing risks. All of this, generally, with folks that you do not directly manage.

5. What was your experience like working with The Hire? How was it different.

Dave: Working with The-Hire was a pleasure. When I first reached out about a job posting, The Hire talked to me and explained why I was not a good fit. After a week or so, they reached back out with a new position at a company she thought I was perfect for. She was spot-on! After 3 rounds of interviews, I was offered the position and I accepted. Without The-Hire, I would have never have found this opportunity because they didn't advertise the role publicly.


At The Hire, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being relationship-centric. We are passionate about achieving superior, timely, results and are focused on going from transactional to transformational when it comes to working with our clients. We are committed to continuously advancing the careers of the people we work with while finding the best solutions for our clients. Our culture is founded on integrity, trust and transparency to match professional talent with fulfilling careers. Our bottom line: "Treat people like people!"

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